Lower Rates
Base rates are up to 10% lower.*
Makes coverage more affordable.
Couple's Discount
15% Couple's Discount is now available for individuals whose
spouse or partner is not applying for coverage with them.
Brings "Check Box Married" to Genworth.
Refund of Premium up to Age 65
Reimburses premiums, less any claims paid, to the beneficiary
if the policyholder dies before age 65.
Overcomes the "use it or lose it" objection.
Informal Care Option
Provides reimbursement for Homemaker and Chore Care up to
50% of the Daily/Monthly Home and Community Care Maximum.
Offers flexibility to add to enhance benefits or not select
to keep premiums down.
Waiver of Premium
Available option to remove the Waiver of Premium benefit
from the policy and reduce premiums by as much as 5%.
Provides another flexible option to increase affordability.
Increase Coverage Option

Available option that provides the opportunity to apply for
an increase in coverage on future policy anniversary dates.
Allows younger clients to get started with smaller
policies and apply for more coverage later.
Long Term Care Insurance is underwritten by
Genworth Life Insurance Company,
Richmond, VA

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Privileged Choice
® Flex 3   
Insurance and annuity products: Are not deposits. Are not guaranteed by a bank or its affiliates.
May decrease in value. Are not insured by the FDIC or any other federal government agency.
As a long term care insurance leader, we take continuous improvement seriously. Since the initial Privileged Choice® Flex 3 (Flex 3) launch, we have received valuable feedback. This feedback, coupled with our desire to meet the needs of more consumers, led us to enhance Flex 3. These enhancements help improve Flex 3’s competitive position and increase consumer value.

Not only did we enhance Flex 3 for new business, we are also transitioning in-force Flex 3 policies to the enhanced product. There are a few states with Flex 3 that will not have the enhancements initially. Our intention is to obtain state approvals, launch the enhancements, and transition the in-force policyholders to the enhanced product in these states as well. To view the state availability map, click the link on the right.

Check out these improvements:
Privileged Choice® Flex 3
Lower costs and new features—these are the kinds of enhancements we think everyone will like.*
*Rates for the standard underwriting category and for 4% and 5% compound inflation options were not changed.